About Mulching

Whether you have a residential property that needs mulch installation or a major commercial location requiring spreading of mulch we've got you covered! We prefer to use termite-resistant wood like cedar, redwood, and cypress because of these reasons:

  • It prevents water evaporation. The use of mulches will be more economical for you in the long run since it cuts down your landscape’s watering needs by half.
  • It prevents soil compaction. Loose soil encourages the growth of healthy plants and turf as opposed to compacted soil.
  • It controls temperature. Unlike rubber and stone mulches, wood mulches do not heat up during very hot days, hence ensuring the health of your plants all-year round.
  • It keeps weeds from growing. Mulching results to a healthy turf which has a dense root system. It then prevents weeds from growing uncontrollably.

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